About the Artist

Mahala Preudhomme, founder of Preudhomme Art & Design, Sahara Head Wraps, and A Gift Of Creativity is an artist and painter of Caribbean descent based in the United States. 

Counting celebrities such as Kevin Hart, Keke Palmer and Kofi Siriboe amongst her Collectors Mahala regularly gets celebrity social media support and coverage for her paintings — most recently from Cardi B. 

Known for empowering women through her bright, minimalistic, Afrocentric artworks, Mahala’s bold modern portraits and colorful landscapes adorn the walls of galleries, homes, and establishments around the world. Her creativity is inspired by different cultures encountered through her travels, her sexuality (Mahala identifies as queer), and her expressions of inclusion. The young 24 year old artist expresses her love for making women feel empowered and beautiful: 

“Ultimately I make art that women can relate to and feel good about.” 

Born and raised in conservative North Carolina to a multi ethnic single mother, Mahala never quite felt complete, important or accepted — especially in high school. “Being a liberal, queer, pro-choice, open- minded, well traveled, black woman in North Carolina would make anyone feel crazy” she states. After graduating high school as a creative escape, she began drawing in her free time and after realizing that she enjoyed it, she started practicing daily. As her artistic talent improved, she began setting new goals for her work and eventually started posting on social media, which led to amazing feedback. 

Before long, a tweet with Mahala’s artwork went viral, and within a few months she had increased her clientele and received recognition from top organizations such as “The Amber Rose Slut Walk.”

Shortly after the tweet went viral Mahala was able to quit her two jobs and persue life as a full time artist. Ready to ride the momentum, she moved to Los Angeles and as she says “hustled harder than she ever had before”. She gained celebrity clients, increased her social media following, and started showcasing and hosting events. “I learned the art and power of social media and marketing. I also felt accepted for the first time in my life. Nothing I was doing was outlandish to anyone in Los Angeles, if anything it was normal, so people supported.” 

Since then, having lived between Houston, Los Angeles and North Carolina, plus traveling extensively for research and inspiration, the LA-based artist has focused on creating commercial opportunities for her brand and working on bigger commercial based projects. Collectively she has over 100,000 followers on her social media platforms and has shipped thousands of orders around the world. Her next goal is to have a Solo Exhibition in Atlanta, GA bringing a new style of her art to life. After that she hopes to extend her travels even further and showcase internationally.